Youth Camp

“Summer Camp is a youth event held on the shores of Lake Karapiro.

There is so much to do…..

The Blob, Water Slide, Kayaking, Glow Worm Boat Cruise, Swimming pool, Paintball, Animal Survival (the ultimate survivor game held on an island in the middle of the lake)

and more!

Tribal Wars every night, the summer camp band and communicators that will inspire and impact you.

Our special guest speaker this year is Ps Kerry Robinson from C3 Gold Coast North

Make sure you and all your mates are at Summer Camp 18!

WHO: High Schoolers (13-19 Years)

WHERE: Finlay Park Adventure Camp (117 Finlay Road, RD 2 Cambridge)

WHAT TO BRING: A pillow, sleeping bag, enough cloths for Four Days (and some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty) togs, two towels,toiletries, bible, notebook, sunblock, hat, sunglasses (accommodation is in cabins with bunks beds and mattresses provided)

FOOD: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included. Feel free to bring snacks and money for the tuck shop ($30 max)

DON’T BRING: Alcohol or drugs ( you will be sent home). We don’t recommend bringing anything valuable or more than $30 cash, this will be the responsibility of the camper to look after.

Camp Fee:

C3 Churches in Auckland Region :$190 (includes transport)

Other Regions: $165 (transport not included)

Payments Options:

1. Fill out rego and pay either Friday Night at Youth , Sundays at Church or in Church Office hours Tues to Friday .  (Efptos/Credit Card Available)

2. Online Direct Payment-

C3 Church North Shore 06-0265-0119234-00

Reference- SC18, Name & Phone No.

Contact our office if you require further information
Ph 4413503 or email: